Since the beginning of time dog’s loyalty to man has created an unbreakable bond. A dog’s protective instinct and dedication to your family knows no bounds. A highly trained K9 Warrior dog is one of the most effective forms of protection you could have. An unbeatable personal and family guard that you can hug and play with but above all depend on.


Bred for success, our dogs are crafted with temperament and character in mind. As with any other potentially lethal weapon, K9 Warrior is fully committed to your training, making sure you feel confident with commanding your dog in every situation. Side by side, in your environment, your dog will learn to safely perform at his fullest potential, ready to work with you and react to your every command.


During these uncertain times, your family’s safety takes top priority. With 36 years of experience, K9 Warrior dogs are trained by the best in the field to become faithful companions devoted to your protection. Whether you need a man-stopper that will protect your family with its life, or you simply want one of our champion dogs with basic obedience training K9 Warrior has a training package that’s perfect for you and your budget.

Top of The Line Personal Protection Dogs

Don’t trust your life to a barely-trained dog from a backyard breeder. K9 Warrior has been professionally training executive protection dogs for over 36 years.

The Very Best in Personal Protection Dogs

Think all personal protection sellers are the same? Think again… Only K9 Warrior has 36 years of experience, dedicated master trainers and dogs that are guaranteed for their ability and safety.

  • 2-Year Guarantee! Industry best health & temperament guarantee for 24 months
  • Lifetime Training Minimum. 1-3 years training with optional lifetime commitment
  • Finest Champion Dogs! 100% Hand-selected dogs exclusively from champion breeders
  • Protection Packages Available. With each dog or sold separately if you own a working breed
  • 0 Accidents in 36 Years! We have never had a child or an owner bitten by one of our dogs
  • Master Trainers. Our trainers have the most experience training Cane Corso’s in the U.S.



Advanced dog obedience training, Basic Commands, Silent hand Commands, Off-Lead Groundwork, Aggression Control

Starts at: $12,000


Everything in Silver package plus: Con-proofing , Pursuit work, On & off premise protection training

Starts at: $42,000


Everything in Silver and Gold plus: Building Search, Carjacking prevention, Multiple intruder protection, Boundary training, Home invasions, Natural poison proofing, Custom scenario

Starts at: $60,000

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